Monday, October 25, 2010

My first blog

Not even sure that anyone will even find this site, but here goes nothing!  Researching and possibly finding the remains of the USS DORADO (SS-248) somewhere in the Caribbean has become my most expensive hobby.  Yet as the son of a 30-year career Navy enlisted man and 23 years as a Naval Officer myself (before retiring in 1999), I find this effort the most rewarding.  I grew up around diesel and nuke submarines, my father being stationed in those ports of call - Holy Loch, Scotland; Rota, Spain; Charleston, SC - back in the days of Polaris missiles.  At 6-foot 3-inches and not having the best of studying habits going through NROTC at the University of Kansas, I woke up one day, buckled down and found myself serving as a Naval Reserve Intelligence Officer for 19 of my 23 years.  Good enough to continue working around subs, just not ours!  SO... in later blogs I will describe how it came to pass that the story of DORADO came across my desk and why I picked up the guantlet to pursue her history, her mysteries, and to search for her remains.  Along the way I have had the great pleasure of having been contacted by many relatives of those lost on DORADO.  They have blessed me with personal photos and memorabilia of their fathers and in some cases their great-grandfathers.  We shall not forget them.  In this very first blog I would like to give thanks to Robert "Nick" Woll who started me on this journey some 20 years ago, continuing the same journey he started in the early 1970s.  Other thanks to people who have helped me over the years will be forthcoming.  Again, the official USS DORADO website can be found at  Thanks and goodnight on my first blog.

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